Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've been SWAMPED with work...

Overwhelmed is actually a better way to describe my current work situation. Campaign launches in 21 the middle of doing all sorts of stuff but had to take a break to share the best example of DOING THE MOST this month...

So my agency announced via email on Monday that they were paying for the entire agency to see Inglorious Bastards today at 2:30...Ummm...yea..I knew on Monday the likelihood of me going was worst than "not likely", it didnt exist.

So today while going through status and seeing what needed to happen just today (The phrase "diificult takes a day, impossible takes a week" comes to mind) my boss says "There isn't anyway we can go see the movie???!!!"

UMM...unless you have little elves under your desk or some way to clone us all in the next hour no its not happening...

So I thought she was just complaining for and whining for the sake of complaining and whining. I didnt think she was actually considering going. I'm not even that delusional (and I havent eaten or slept properly in about 2 weeks!!!)

2:30 rolls around, she comes into my office and announces "I'm going to the movie"


Seriously....seriously......thats what your gonna do??!!!!

WTF is her life about??? Not to mention that she was off yesterday. Like...WTF!!!!!!!


Ok...I have to get back to work....21 days....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Before I break into my usual doing the most rant I have to point out that its been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged. What is my life about, right....clearly I need to get it together. And I wasn't even on vacation!!! Come to think of it, me and a vacation (or lack there of) is a topic i'll be covering soon...very soon

Anyway, so in my absence a video was going around the internet of Stephon Marbury having what looked like a slight breakdown. Granted he breaks down when a gospel song comes on so in his defense he could have just been moved by the song (or it could be the cocaine but whatevs). BUT still why the hell would he UStream himself crying??? Clearly doing the most. Watch the video below.

so today i was doing my usual blog crawl and came across his latest video. Now, Folks, I'm slightly confused. He's dancing to "Barbie World" but his moves don't sync with the video...not even a little bit. The description under the video says that the song isnt actually the song that he's dancing to. OK...fine. WHY THE HELL IS HE DANCING AROUND LIKE THAT??!!! I noticed that the guy in the video has a tattoo on the side of his head (at least it looks like a small tattoo to me) Does Stephon have a tattoo on the side of his head (too lazy to look it up) if he doesn't who the hell is this strange man dancing around like this???

If this is Stephon, the dancing is just not sexy. And shouldn't he be at a training camp or something???!!!!