Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This time last the day...

...everyone was celebrating Obama's victory. This time around folks are celebrating the Yankee's World Series win! I'm not even gonna lie... I was little torn over who to really root for considering I'm from PA and now live in NYC. What do you do in this situation...go for your home state team or follow pretty much everyone else around you??!!! Following is not my style and I'm not even a fan of baseball so I've been playing it neutral.

NYC is going to be CRAZY the next few days...I must admit I <3 NYC!!!!!!

OOOoooohhhh....there will be a ticker tape parade tomorrow!!!!! I may be more excited to see shredded paper then I am about the actual Yankee

Friday, October 9, 2009

Krispy Kreme Burger..Oh and we BOMBED the MOON!!!

Folks...what the hell is really going on??!!!! Can someone please tell me???!!! I know I was a little detached from society for about 2 months on account of work but either the world just snapped out this week or I really missed some stuff.

Please watch this video from Fox News. I don't even get down with Fox News like that but I totally feel Shep's frustration. America are we really soo fat and desperate for calories that someone would find it ok to put a damn cheesburger on a donut bun????!!! An effin GLAZED DONUT BUN.

WTF IS AMERICA'S LIFE ABOUT RIGHT NOW???!!! Have we truly lost our mind??!!

And this Bombing the moon in search of water. Have we really run out of things to bomb and resources to deplete here???!!!

Folks...I'm just in disbelief.

If there are aliens out there they better take a hint and start hiding cause clearly if we find them or even THINK they are chillin in the galaxy somewhere its curtains.

And did NASA stop to think that there may really be life somewhere else and that...I don't know bombing a celestial being might piss them off????!!!

Then again I don't trust NASA and the governments intentions. I don't put it past them that they know something we dont (Apocalpse, end of the world like events anyone) and are trying to formulate an exit strategy.

The moon is the closet thing to earth right???

yea...2012...right. Can't wait to see the PR and news stories that come out after that movie is released...

Just saying...

Think about it...

Rat Pizza...

NYC is on a Motha Effin ROLL this week!!!! The city just keeps doing the MOST. Here's video of a truck that's parked outside of the Pink Elephant club here in the city that sells pizza. Well apparently said truck is not only visited by hungry people at night but rats seem to frequent the spot as well. Just watch the video.

Shits disgusting. The owner has a whack ass excuse for why the rats are there. "It's old pizza"....I'm sorry, WHAT??? What exactly does that have to do with anything. There are RATS on the counter!! So just because they are eating what is supposed to be old pizza (how do we know its old and furthermore, I doubt they are selling full pies out of the truck sooooooo how are they just old??? Old from when a few hours or a few days???) its ok for them to be in the truck???

Really....seriously...It's gross no matter how you slice it. Where is the NYC Dept of Health when you need them??? Do they not regulate street food trucks??? Like what the Hell is really going on.

Doing the MOST, doing the MOST, DOING THE MOST

View more news videos at:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've met a Crackhead for Christ. Have you?

"Jesus, I'm sorry for stealing my landlords TV and VCR...twice....for crack"

1 of the MANY statements made by said crackhead during my commute in to work this morning.

Apparently this man was a former crack addict that found christ during his 7yr stint in jail. He explained how he was a "good crackhead" at which point he explained how he knew how to cook coke to make crack, how exactly to smoke the pipe to get just the right rush AND let the whole train now that they could ask him how and he would tell them...I mean I guess that was his WWJD moment.
He actually got excited when he talked about how to smoke the pipe to get the right rush which leads me to believe that if someone had thrown some crack on the floor this man would have forgot all about Jesus and would have snatched it up with the quickness.

WWJD...Doing the MOST...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WTF Australia....W...T....F

Michael Jackson tribute with the Jackson 5 in BLACKFACE...AUSTRALIA HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EFFIN MIND???!!!! Why would anyone that isn't brain dead think this is ok??? Folks...just watch the video. I find it offensive as did Harry Connick Jr but the entire Australian audience thought it was hilarious.

I'm not laughing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NYC...ALWAYS Doing the MOST...

LMFAO...folks just watch the video. It's hilarious...and so New York (notice all the people standing around watching and not actually getting involved) Apparently Fox news was on location filming a report when all hell broke loose between a bike taxi peddler and a regular NYC yellow cabbie. I can't tell what was said that made the guy on the bike throw water on the cabbie but watch how tries to throw the water than quickly peddle away as if the car couldn't drive faster.

Oh how I love this city!! Thank You NYC for always doing the MOST.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“Box $#!+”

A good friend tagged me in his BRILLIANT note on facebook. I couldn't agree more...

The current state of the American economy has, for people who don’t live inside the box, presented us with the opportunity to change the way we live, think, and operate in our daily lives. Whether personally, spiritually, or professionally it amazes me how some of the smartest people get reduced to subscribing to “box $#!+” . You’re probably pausing right now and thinking; “what in the world is ‘box $#!+’”???

Simply put, “box $#!+” are ways of thinking, operating, or going about any aspect of daily life in a way that doesn’t necessarily make sense. The only reason most people subscribe to “box $#!+” it is accepted by the masses and for fear of what lies in the mystical area outside the box.

I’ve never really understood the logic of going to school, working as hard as you can, and trying to make the best grades in the class simply to have a nice looking transcript and resume so you can ask someone else--- probably that’s not even as smart as you are to hire you for a wage 1/10 what you’re worth (You’ll only get the 1/10 if you’re lucky). It makes even less sense to me how some live in perfect discontentment for 30 years working long hours making business in which they have no vested interest other than their meager wage. Surely, EVERYONE cannot be a mogul, but the wealth in America could certainly be more evenly distributed if that talented and capable people didn’t whole heartedly subscribe to “box $#!+”

For example, why do so many of the people with advanced or professional degrees and/or training still only feel validated if someone, no smarter than yourself, gives you the “privilege” of working 40+ hours a week for a fraction of what you bring to the table for your employer. We let “box $#!+” and the things that box people say scare us into being miserable and hoping we can last 20 years and make manager, partner, director, or whatever other cute name is given to the best “box $#!+” players.

For all of the free thinkers that always feel uncomfortable with “box $#!+” and box people don’t be frightened into wasting away your youth, creativity, and ambition. Operate in the paradigm that you know will lead you to real success, happiness, and freedom. If you’re happy in the box, by all means enjoy your 30 years of pure hell and torture. Make sure that resume is impeccable, your GPA is impressive, and be ready to put in long hours for the good of the company. Preston, Miller, Williams & Associates will be hiring in 2012 and will be glad to use your talents to generate wealth for their children and grandchildren. ;-)

Bidding farewell to "box $#!+" forever,


Thursday, September 3, 2009

14 days.....

and counting till the launch of the campaign. Here's a sneak peak.

Still the longest/shortest 2 weeks or my life...15 hour days are now the norm.

Doing. The. Most.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've been SWAMPED with work...

Overwhelmed is actually a better way to describe my current work situation. Campaign launches in 21 the middle of doing all sorts of stuff but had to take a break to share the best example of DOING THE MOST this month...

So my agency announced via email on Monday that they were paying for the entire agency to see Inglorious Bastards today at 2:30...Ummm...yea..I knew on Monday the likelihood of me going was worst than "not likely", it didnt exist.

So today while going through status and seeing what needed to happen just today (The phrase "diificult takes a day, impossible takes a week" comes to mind) my boss says "There isn't anyway we can go see the movie???!!!"

UMM...unless you have little elves under your desk or some way to clone us all in the next hour no its not happening...

So I thought she was just complaining for and whining for the sake of complaining and whining. I didnt think she was actually considering going. I'm not even that delusional (and I havent eaten or slept properly in about 2 weeks!!!)

2:30 rolls around, she comes into my office and announces "I'm going to the movie"


Seriously....seriously......thats what your gonna do??!!!!

WTF is her life about??? Not to mention that she was off yesterday. Like...WTF!!!!!!!


Ok...I have to get back to work....21 days....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Before I break into my usual doing the most rant I have to point out that its been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged. What is my life about, right....clearly I need to get it together. And I wasn't even on vacation!!! Come to think of it, me and a vacation (or lack there of) is a topic i'll be covering soon...very soon

Anyway, so in my absence a video was going around the internet of Stephon Marbury having what looked like a slight breakdown. Granted he breaks down when a gospel song comes on so in his defense he could have just been moved by the song (or it could be the cocaine but whatevs). BUT still why the hell would he UStream himself crying??? Clearly doing the most. Watch the video below.

so today i was doing my usual blog crawl and came across his latest video. Now, Folks, I'm slightly confused. He's dancing to "Barbie World" but his moves don't sync with the video...not even a little bit. The description under the video says that the song isnt actually the song that he's dancing to. OK...fine. WHY THE HELL IS HE DANCING AROUND LIKE THAT??!!! I noticed that the guy in the video has a tattoo on the side of his head (at least it looks like a small tattoo to me) Does Stephon have a tattoo on the side of his head (too lazy to look it up) if he doesn't who the hell is this strange man dancing around like this???

If this is Stephon, the dancing is just not sexy. And shouldn't he be at a training camp or something???!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I've been watching this all day...

This is uber cute and unique and HILARIOUS!! I'm sure they'll be on GMA or the Today show sometime next week cause this video has gotten major buzz and play today. I want to know the back story.

Sidenote: I was watching Regis and Kelly before leaving for work this morning (yea I don't roll out of the house till after 9) Regis was talking about this engaged couple guy and girl that found each other on facebook and both are named Kelly Hildenbred! How crazy and confusing is that??!! And what the hell are they going to name their kids??? Imagine if the dad made his son a Jr. CRAAZZZZYYY!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sprite is doing the effin MOST!!! (Updated)

German Sprite ad that has been banned. Apparently cum is refreshing in Germany...I mean why else would this be the strategy.

Update 7/21

Apparently the previous video was pulled for copyright infringement. Interestingly, Coke claims that they had nothing to do with the production of the ad...riiiiiight...sooo then who took it down exactly???

Here's a link to another video of the ad. Some cheesy tak show captured it and added commentary. Just skip to :45.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blame it on the...

E-E-E-E Economy

Blame it on Bush. Blame it on Cheney. I'm not pointing blame...well...ok maybe. I love love LOVE this!!! So effin clever! "Michelle"'s part is hot too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mother with her 3 yr old son...train stops...doors open...she proceeds to allow him to PEE into the space between the platform and the actual train.
WHYYYYYYY FOLKS WHHHHHYYYYY???!!! WTF...I mean I know when you have to go you have to go but seriously not only is that DISGUSTING but thats setting some really bad habits in that child. SMDH...I'm still in disbelief.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Sex for the 4th of July

Thats an attention getter right?!

So I'll spare the long drawn out story about my parents bright idea to take a roadtrip to ATL (DOING THE MOST!!!) over 4th of July weeked. SOO much happened between the drive down, the time spent in ATL and the drive back that I thought it best to just pull out the 1 thing that I just couldn't get passed the whole trip.

Everyone who has a radio should have heard the song "Birthday Sex" by now. Its a decent song right...pretty catchy right...Well me, my 18 yr old sis, her best friend, my parents and my 2 cousins aged 13 and 7 were in the car..."Birthday Sex" comes on...I'm singing along

"It's your birthday so I know
you want to riiide out,
Even if we only go to myyy house"

While i'm singing, I hear this mousey voice also singing I look around the car to see who else is singing...My sis...nope...her best friend...nope...the 13 yr old nope...

I look to my right and the 7 yr old is singing along....EVERY WORD...

APPALLED FOLKS!!!! SOOO freaking the song goes on to say stuff like

I've been feenin'
Wake up in the late night...dreamin' about your lovin'
Don't need candles or cake
just need your body to make good
Birthday sex

You know what...I'm going to post the song at the end of this post. It's just inapprop for a child to be singing that. Yes I realize and understand that its the responsibility of parents and adults to make sure kids aren't singing/listening to stuff like that but DAMN!!!

Where the hell is the FCC??!!! Slackin on their mackin....CLEARLY. I just dont understand how a song that is CLEARLY about SEX (as it says "sex" at least a dozen times) can be played without censorship at all times of the day??!!!


Thursday, July 2, 2009


First MJ now Vibe all I need is for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be banned and all I'll have left of my childhood and growing up will be my memories!!! Like WTF??? I've been reading Vibe since I was about 13 when Vibe was printed large like Rolling Stone :0) I LOVED IT. I kept every issue (still do) and had some of the pages on my wall as decorations. Oh the memories...

VIBE...seriously...What the hell happened? How do you go from being one of the top selling magazines to folding??? Vibe was (so sad it is a "was") no King Magazine (meaning hip hop trash with nothing more than half naked video hoes...almost a ghetto version of Maxim...if your offended, get over it)

I'm truly perplexed...VIBE goes before Ebony and even (GASP) Jet??!!! How is that possible. Who is even reading Jet at this point??

My bigger concern with all of they plan on crediting me for the issues I won't be getting. Probably not huh...sigh...

I hope Quincy can buy it back and keep it going and that they honor my damn subscription if and when that happens.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Clinical Strength Deodorant

Folks...excuse this post...I have a bit of a headache and I'm pretty sure I most certainly am not in my right mind at the moment. I'll get to my BET Awards post later this evening when i'm in the luxury of my apt and not serving time in the office (no really its like a reverse work release situation).

Anywho, I'm sitting here and all I can think about is how I've started using clinical strength Secret and how my armpits literally no longer sweat. Like no moisture at all. Now, I didn't NEED clinical strength deodorant. I was curious and every summer I get paranoid that i'll smell sweaty even though I never do (Note: Tank tops, dresses, halters etc no matter how cute and/or sexy will immediately look terrible if you yourself smell sweaty).

Now, I'm pretty sure this formula is doing some effed up stuff to my sweat glands. I also realized that I never actually read the directions (lets be real its deodorant and its not an actual prescription so what more should I really be doing besides lifting my arm and applying???) so perhaps I am supposed to be sweating but because of my incorrect use of the product other ish is happening.

Regardless, the fact that I'm not sweating IS freaking amazing, but where is the sweat going??

Probably drowning in my own sweat and don't even know it...SMDH

Yes I know...I'm doing the MOST!

Doing the MOST @ the BET Awards

A few years ago I made a silent vow to myself to never watch the BET awards again. But with the untimely passing of MJ and the reports that the whole show would be in MJ's honor with a star-studded tribute I why not.

Folks, I was really proud of BET when the show initially came on (literally the first 5 min) BUT I also knew that pride wouldn't make it the full 4 hours. And so within 10 minutes of being on air I already had started a list of doing the MOST. Here they are in order of appearance:

#1 Tyra Banks and her wig...In Tyra's eyes, the lacefront wig IS the best thing ever invented. Tyra...WE ALL KNOW ITS FAKE. YOUR NOT FOOLING ANYBODY!!!!

#2 Jamie Foxx not knowing the show was back from commercial break. This actually happened more times than is acceptable during the show.

#3 Keri Hilson...I love her...I really do her style is awesome but her interpretation of MJ dance moves and her entire set actually were more "Grease" than MJ

#4 Neyo...KEEP YOUR HAT ON AT ALL TIMES. Especially if a close up is planned. His head looked like a big milk dud!!!

#5 Snoop Dog...what is your life about??? Dancing around on stage in a hot a$$ knee length leather jacket and a stocking cap. He looked like a crackhead!

#6 and #7 both go to TPAIN...The WHOLE damn bottle of Nuvo, really...seriously. And the "BIG ASS CHAIN"...DOING THE MOST!!!

#8 Tiny and Toya. I'm not even going to elaborate on this. Just damn ridiculous!!!

#9 Not saying the freaking nominees BEFORE announcing the winner. It would have been nice to know who else was up for the award BET. I know you were pressed for time but damn!

#10 BEYONCE...I am a fan but did you not get the memo that the nite was MJ themed not a chance for you to give us a snippet of the I AM...Sasha Fierce concert.

#11 Taraji P Henson and her wig. Clearly she has the same hair stylist as Tyra.

#12 "She can take me this recession"...LOL...that was cute Mr. Foxx

#13 Uncle Al the front to Joe Jackson. I'm really not feeling Uncle Al these days.

#14 Keyshia Cole and her capris. I don't want to see anyone but peeps my moms age and older in capris this summer. Its 2009 folks let the capris go!!

#15 Showing the folks sitting in the nosebleed seats. OK OK yes Ray Ray and Bonquisha we see you now sit your ass down and get out of the camera...OH Hell... now you have knocked the camera man down...SMDH

#16 By far the best part of the show and doing the MOST at its greatest..Don Cornelius. I swear this segment reminded me of a family reunion. Tonight, your drunk uncle who likes to tell the loooooooooong stories that are completely off subject and have no point will be played by Don Cornelius. Oh the Hilarity. Did they even have the teleprompter up for him...cause CLEARLY the story was not on there.

#17 Tonight your Uncle who still smokes weed at age 60 and likes to swear and makes no apologies for it will be played by Eddie Levert..."People were dancing and shit"..."My name is Eddie and this is what I do". Classic.

#18 Tiny accepting the award on TI's behalf...."And you still the king baby". Sit your country behind down PLEASE. Some folks just shouldn't be allowed to speak in public.

#19 Young Money singing "Every Girl" about having sex with every girl in the world while Lil Wayne's preteen daughter and friends danced around Drake....WTF moment indeed


So there you have it folks...a broken vow just to be let down. I'm officially done with BET and it's award shows.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hmmmm...should I get philosophical and talk about how Mike's death is bigger than me and you and that it just goes to show that no day is promised so live it up and don't sweat the small stuff...done and done now I can proceed with my usual rants....

First of all folks, I found out MJ had passed because I was at a client meeting where a collegue who was needed on the phone to explain something to the client basically hung up on us (the client...folks...he hung the fuck up on the client) NEVER called back. Just sent an email 20 min later like "Sorry but Michael Jackson just died". Now I'm not trying to belittle the magnitude of MJ's death but SERIOUSLY...can you maintain an ounce of professionalism in your grief. Is that asking too much??!!

I watched CNN for about an hour and a half last night but got frustrated after Al Sharpton thought it was appropropriate for him to basically have a press conference in Harlem. WHO THE HELL CALLED UNCLE AL??!! MJ's death wasn't a matter of civil rights or some racial injustice ( know what I'm not going to even go there). I really questions his motives. I'm starting to think that he uses the suffering of others to promote himself. Why he couldn't just issue a statement like other people baffles me.

I've decided I'm going to avoid watching the many specials that will air through the weekend. Like everyone else I'm shocked and saddened by the news and I'll listen to his music non stop for the next week but the constant focus on death is overkill. I just hope the media maintains some sort of respect. I hope they do the MOST in a positive way because thats what MJ deserves. There will never be another entertainer like him...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Racist or Pervert....hmmmm

Its only effing 10:30 in the morning and already folks are at work acting a damn fool!!! So everything in advertising has to be passed by someone in legal. We have this in house person, we'll call him Hop (because his actual name is something similar and equally dumb as hell). Hop's sole job is to review work and say if he thinks there will be any legal issues. He's about 55 and white (I feel like that kinda goes without saying as white, male, 45-50 is like a requirement to be a "senior" executive).

I stop by, Folks I don't get as much as the tips I've my pretty manicured toes in the door before this bastard looks at me up and down and says "Ummm...I don't have time right now come back later"

...I'm sorry what...WHAT THE HELL IS IT THAT YOUR DOING EXACTLY? Your just sitting there.

So I'm like, "Ok...what time?"

"Ummm...2PM" folks he doesn't check a calendar or anything...just arbitrarily throws out WTF?

Now, I've seen Hop interact with other people in the halls...and he always seemed to be pretty friendly with these other people. The most notable and recent is my new intern. She's been here a cool 2 weeks. Shes white, about 5'5" petite build with HUGE boobs.

so I did a little experiment...I called my intern and asked her to go by Hop's office...

Surprise, surprise he suddenly had a free moment to take a look at the docs and chat.

Fucking bastard.

Racist or pervert...1 of the 2...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford...What is your life about???!!!

In case you haven't heard, the Governor of South Carolina thought he could go missing for a few days and not tell anyone of his whereabouts. Told nobody... not even his wife and 2 kids. Seriously Mark, seriously? You really thought you could just drop your responsibilities as Governor, husband and father (over FATHERS DAY at that) and just be gone???

Did it not occur to this man that he is a public official and I don't know...maybe people would wonder where he was and maybe start looking for his dumbass??? Apparently, it didn't because he was "taken aback by all of the attention this trip has gotten"...WTF dude...what world do you live in???!!!

So initially his communication director was lying for him saying he was hiking the Appalachian trail (what kind of excuse is that???). So where was the good governor of SC...

I originally thought that perhaps he had a drug problem or was involved in some other sorta illegal activity.

Nope...just your average bicontinental affair...

WHO DOES THAT???!!! I mean I've heard of people taking their mistress from the US to another country but meeting someone that actually lives in the country...DOING THE MOST. And he didn't even bother to have a decent excuse/alibi!!!

I don't get it folks. I really just don't get it...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

As usual stuff happens to me that are so rodonculos that it seems as if its scripted...This time a man (apparently my fairy godfather) paid me a visit. So clearly, I'm over my job and corporate America in general (as apparent from my many posts about the subject). Recently its been 20 times more frustrating than usual. So I've been thinking about whats next and what not.

Anyway, Monday night I got home and ran to the bodega to get a snapple (this all has do do with the story I on my way there this old man (like 60) was standing outside of 1 of the other brownstones. Just standing there folks. Not moving, not talking. Just leaned up against the fence a lil bit. I was on the phone with my mom and just walked by not paying him much attention (outside of noticing that hes standing there) i thought he was waiting for someone to come out so i go about my business. On my way back to my apt,hes walking down the block towards me, im not on the phone

hes like

"excuse me"

I say, "hi"

He says, "Can I give you this?" and hands me this business card

Its a basic peach colored card with the words nam myoho renge kyo on it...Now I'm thinking "Oh shit!!! Is he casting a spell or putting a hex on me??"

He proceeds to explain to me that I have great potential but im not reaching it and that the phrase is a buddist chant that helps unlock your destiny etc etc

Clearly I'm in shock at this point because I'm in disbelief that this is happening and still thinking he could be putting a curse on me.

I just say, "Thank you"

the guy is like "No, thank you. I expect great things from you" and the just walks away...

Who else does this stuff happen to??!!!!

So lets say it was my fairy godfather...I'm pretty sure its safe to say that hes a tad bit disappointed in what I'm doing with myself. LOL...he basically said "your doing the least get yourself together"... If only he had said those exact words...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NBC..."Can I Get A" as intro music...seriously...

Again with folks acting out... No, NBC, it was not ok to use Jay-Z "Can I Get A" as intro music for a presidential tv special. Might as well do a bio of Obama with "Juicy" by B.I.G as the trailer music!! AND if we HAVE to use a hip-hop song for an Obama special...Imma need people to use "Swagga Like Us". Have I not said that damn near 300 times now!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Adding hair to eyebrows...doing the MOST. Naming your child "Haiti"...doing the MOST. Where the hell do these people live???!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Black people, we do NOT know Prez Obama personally

With that said being black and Obama being black does not mean you can roll up on him or to the White House whenever and however the hell you feel like. He is the PRESIDENT...the first black president at that. He has all sorts of security to make sure your behind doesn't get to close.

Where is this coming from you the video. Brenda Lee thought it was ok to personally hand Mr. President a note. Clearly, Ms. Lee you're Doing the MOST. When in history have you ever heard of any random person (I don't care if you have a press pass if your name isnt Larry King, Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric your just random person with a press pass. No are)handing a president a personal note??

Not ok. Then I heard a few months ago that Usher thought that while he was in DC he could just roll up to the White House uninvited and ask if he could talk to the president. 2 words...SHUT. DOWN.

People, Barack Obama is the PRESIDENT. Not your homeboy from down the block or your cousin/uncle Reggie.

Just sayin...


Exploitation at it's finest. BTW...I will be adopting the phrase "I don't kiss ass, I kick ass".

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Beatboxing pop songs!!! WOW!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something like modern day slavery...

So remember last week when I posted about corporate america taking advantage of the current economic situation and thus mistreating people. Well, today the trade publication for the glorious (GAG ME) industry I work in had an article about how a highly awarded, considered to be a place of amazing creative work decided to SELL its interns on Ebay... I'll say that again....


Is it just me or is this not a form of slavery??? I'm going to assume that no waivers were signed, these "kids" probably didnt seek legal advice to review said contract if there was one and therefore they are basically being sold to work as the agency and purchasing "client" sees fit??? Why is this ok?? Who's to say it will stop at this. What if other agencies follow suit and start "selling" people as a way to generate additional income in this shitty economy.

And I'm sure people will say "its an amazing opportunity, they should be grateful" or "what if this is what they wanted to do". To those comments I say, I'm sure the first africans who were taken into slavery thought the idea of a boat ride was pretty nifty and we see what that led to. Just sayin...


By far my favorite TV show of all time. And yes I'm in love with Bill Cosby!!! I do not want a Rundu man (LOOK IT UP IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT I want a Bill Cosby as Bill Cosby or as Heathcliff Huxtable. Sweaters and all!!!

"An African-American family IS an American Family"...tell'em Mrs. Rashad!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I feel some typa way that this video has over 1MM views....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Burger King has 1 responsibility...

SELL BURGERS!!! So tell me why I went to the Burger King in the Rockafellar Center Concourse and they were out of burgers. How absurd is that???!!! All they have is chicken therefore today that Burger King is basically a frikking KFC!!! So instead of eating a whopper jr w/cheese I'm eating chicken nuggets...ALL I WANTED WAS A WHOPPER!!!!

THEN, to make matters worst, I stood in line for like 15 min. At no point in the 15 min did anyone bother to say "We are out of burgers". When i got to the counter the lady tried to whisper..."We don't have any burgers". I'm like "WHAT??!!! YOU DONT HAVE ANY BURGERS??!!!"...loudly. The fact that she felt it was necessary to WHISPER indicates a problem.

Clearly, if you, Burger King, don't have burgers FOLKS WONT COME IN!!! Don't try to be slick and get folks in the door and in line so that they feel obligated to buy something. We were not waiting in line at BURGER KING for CHICKEN!!!! If I wanted chicken, I would have waited in line for 15 min at KFC!!! Like WTF!!!

C'est Terrible!!! Like going to Dunkin Donuts and they being like "All we got is muffins".

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"I'm a human being got damnit. My life has value!!!"

Would it be inappropriate if I stood on my desk and yelled "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore"? Perhaps that would be doing the MOST and they may have me taken for a psych eval. But it just me or is corporate America really taking full advantage of the current economic situation? I'm soo over the scare tactics...This video, although a movie clip from a film released years ago, accurately sums up how I feel.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Doing the MOST w/money...

Brings a whole new meaning to "Money Cash Hoes"...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu is kinda like an STD

So like the rest of North America I'm super paranoid about the Swine Flu. Thing is I feel like I have reason to be slightly more paranoid than everyone else. This past weekend I went to a co-workers house party. Seemed like a good idea right. Making friends at work cant be wrong right. Fast forward to Monday morning at work this broad proceeds to tell me that 1 of her friends that was at the party has a sister that goes to St Francis. In case you don't know the significance of this information go here Too lazy to click...the headline says:


WTF!!!! Why the hell would this person come to a social gathering knowing they had potentially been exposed to the virus. Then to make matters worse, this person calls my coworker an says "Yea...don't tell anyone. I'm sure Im not sick but I'm going to go to the clinic just to be sure"

Folks...if I get sick and I come across this person in the street...their getting effed up. Just saying...

The funny side of the Swine Flu thing is that if you do get it you have to contact anyone you were recently in contact with to let them know your infected. reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City when Miranda catches an STD and makes a list of people to call.

I'm pretty sure if I get a call from someone saying "BTW I might have given you Pig Flu" I'm going to be PISSED. And what if you caught it and started calling people and 1 of the people you call says "Yea I have/had it too". Would you not be like "WTF YOU HAD IT AND DIDNT TELL ME!!! YOU GAVE ME PIG FLU!!!". And possibly consider doing harm to said person.

Just something to think about...OH and I found these PSA's from the 70's. Apparently there was a Pig Flu outbreak back then too. Crazy thing is the PSA's are to encourage people to get the Swine Flu vaccine...the vaccine ended up killing people. Go figure...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Whole World is Watching....

but yet none of us can seem to find your penis. He basically has a clitoris.

LMFAO. Clearly sir you are doing the MOST! This is an example of freedom of speech gone wrong...TERRIBLY wrong. LOL...first off...this appears to be some sort of hippie festival type of thing. So where the hell was he going with the damn feather boa and what looks like a 70's disco costume from Party City??? Folks, as a life lesson, unless your at a nudist colony or naked beach,don't allow a group of your peers (who have on clothes mind you) pressure you into taking yours off (unless of course they are paying you to do so).

I actually don't feel bad for the guy. They asked him repeatedly (way more times than I would have asked) to put his damn clothes on. I mean, I feel like, the fact that his penis is basically nonexistent is reason enough for his ass to be tased. I don't IS his penis????

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Follow Me....

I feel like in the last month Twitter exploded. Everybody and their mom (including mine) have been talking about twitter. Before there was a buzz here and a buzz there. Now its everywhere. In every conversation. It's sick. Sigh....and yes as much as I tried to fight it I too have joined the masses. Actually, I was harassed and peer pressured by Sick of the BS over at I'll be using twitter to document doing the MOST moments as I'm out and about. We shall see how this will go...and how long it lasts....

Don't I have a certain number of words I can type...? What kind of BS is that...I don't even know if I can work with that...

SllimThinksAlot is the user name on Twitter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

DIsturbing But Amusing

I know it's rude to laugh at the disabled but I couldn't resist the laughter. As Blondie said when I shared this with her, "He turned his arm into the 1 thing it is not". LMAO. You have to admit it's pretty freaking creative. Let's be real when you have no arm people are probably going to look. I mean why not give them something to really stare at. Kudos to this person for Doing the MOST! with the least.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be Sure To Mow The Lawn

That's right....spring has sprung and soon bushes will be growing out of control. Wilkinson Sword B.K.A Schick here in the US wants to make sure that you keep up with your own "landscaping". Notice how that cat has hair in the beginning and is bald by the end.....Clever and Hilarious.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 Words....Really!?

Just yesterday I was telling a friend how great Pandora is. I like to listen to my Kanye|Santogold|MIA channel at work. Nothing to hardcore....nothing to eccentric...pretty safe for work right....Well folks, today Pandora got beside itself and threw Tech N9ne (first of all just looking at the name does it look like something that should be played at work???) title "7 words" into the mix. Still harmless sounding right....The song starts off with a nice R&B chorus...kinda like a love you know the 7 words Mr. N9ne is talking about..... And what the chorus starts to actually SING "I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SUCK MY D*&%.

I'M AT WORK DAMNIT!!!!! No I don't have headphones in. It's a good thing my boss didn't come in to my office to ask me anything. Could you imagine???!!!! And it's not just the chorus that is clearly DOING THE MOST...the lyrics are detailed enough to be considered audio porn. TRUE STORY.

I know it may seem as if I'm exaggerating the level of inappropriateness in this song but folks...I promise you I am not. Just listen for yourself. And yes thats the album cover. And yes dude looks throwed off. The whole situation is just not OK. I'm kinda traumatized.

Monday, April 6, 2009


It is NOT OK to name a fried chicken spot after the president. Just not OK....for numerous reasons all of which should be obvious. I'm not even gonna waste my time listing the reasons. I can't deal....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring has Sprung....FINALLY

He's feeling it...and doing the MOST! I'm not gonna lie...I'm jealous that I can't do this with my leg.

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Sigh...Big ASS sigh"

If I were a str8 black man living in Memphis and I got my ass beat by a flock of transvestites, i'm not so sure I would show my face on the news. I don't think I would want people to know I got beat up by men in dresses and heels. Actually, as a str8 black woman living in NYC I wouldn't want people to know if I got beat up by men in dresses and heels...just saying.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a sucker for unique video concepts

This is a good 1. So clever that Coldplay. (0:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black Friend Finder

So I've decided that if this website really did exisist, I'd go to Hoboken and hook the guy in the post below up with a friend in his area. Cause CLEARLY he's in need. I'm sure there are some other Jersey City and Hoboken peeps that are in need too.

Actually, this makes me think of something I always notice but hadn't found the right blog entry to go into. So I have a pretty diverse group of friends. And am in the most diverse city on the planet so work is pretty mixed. But when I've saved some coworkers on facebook as friends and then briefly look at their other friends and pics....I've notice that I'm usually the only friend of color they have. I mean a few will have a token "person of color" (meaning someone who is racially ambigous....actually sometimes I end up being that person) but it'll be some random person they worked on a project with once their senior year of college but never actually interact with the person. Why is that? Did they seriously only come in contact with 1 black person in all 20-odd years of their life???? I'm not saying these people are prejudice or racist or anything just don't get why that's the case. Every other race has a variety of friends unless your like Cambodian living in freaking Cambodia. Just saying...

So this is what I'm missing in Hoboken....

He's clearly doing the MOST!  And he kinda looks like a boss I had.....except my boss was female.  But I swear you put a wig on him and you'd swear they were twins. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shameless Shout-Outs

Somehow the first birthday of Doing the MOST passed and I managed to forget/not notice (I know, it's a damn shame). Yes I say birthday and not anniversary because the idea was born. No I'm not so conceited as to suggest that I gave birth to blogging (clearly not the case and to claim such would be Doing the MOST) but I did give birth to putting the idea of "doing the MOST" (a phrase among friends for years) into a public domain. I to make up for my forgetfulness (carelessness maybe?) in honor of my blogs 1st birthday I want to take a selfless moment to recognize some friends who are doing the a good way (0:

In addition to stupidGENIUS over @ (hey homie(0:), I have a couple other friends with amazingly witty and wildly entertaining blogs....

BlkRockStar @ is chockful of hilarity with statements like "has Beyonce so thoroughly hypnotized you into thinking you need to put a ring on it? Better yet, are you honestly going to let some married woman dancing around with no pants and a robotic hand tell you that being single blows? My advice: don't seek salvation in some empty relationship; finish your Ho-vard degree and graduate Magnum™ cum laude! The old saying goes, "You can't turn a ho into a housewife...unless she gets her own show on Bravo."" LOVES IT!

Then there's sickofthebs @ Simply put, she's exposing 2 epidemics soo widespread,  we haven't seen anything like it since bitchassness.  Go read so you can make sure your not guilty of R.A.N or W.A.B behavior.  (I just want to point out that this 36 word paragraph has been revised twice for our friend over at ranwab....clearly she's doing the MOST and there will be no more edits lady!!!)

And in non-blogger recognition, way to go ARO!!! She was the creative visionary behind the ENTIRE (meaning EVERYTHING and ALL) Nike Black History Month Bash in LA last week!!!

I don't know who still reads or why they read but I appreciate the attention!!! Here's to another year!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bulletproof Weave.....

"I invested a lot of money into this weave and it saved my life"......riiiiiiiigghht. Is there really nothing better for the news to be reporting than stories like this???!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a recession..People dont want more stupid POS!!!

Kudos to "The Onion" for accurately capturing what I want to say to my clients as they try to think of "new" products/innovations for people to spend their money on. POS=Piece Of Shit.

Friday, February 6, 2009

David @ the dentist

"Is this real life??"...LMAO

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best Super Bowl Commercial

This was my favorite of the night....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh PETA....

They bought Super Bowl ad space and created an ad that NBC deemed overly sexual. 3

This comes from the same people that I'm sure support the damn polar bears...just saying...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Drunken Negro Face....cookies....SERIOUSLY

Maybe I'm a bit immature...or a tad insensitive BUT I must admit, when I first watched this earlier today I laughed. And it wasn't laughter because its funny because lets be real...its not funny its very sad and pathetic but what was this guy thinking? He is unapologetic and was actually ballsy (or maybe its just stupidity)enough to let the cameras come in AND to do an interview.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Bird's Eye View

2 million people from 423 miles in space...looks a lot like ants.

Kodak Moment...

Congratulations, Mr. President!

Yesterday was an AWESOME day! I love Obama's cool confidence. And like I've always said..."Swagger Like Us" should be playing for this man at all times...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa

That is what Lisa Bonet named her newborn son (found this info on WHY...thats all I want to know. Who can even pronounce that (not counting Son and Wolf)??? Son will be 13 before he knows how to spell and pronounce his own name...and I just want to point out how effed up it is that there is a strongly possibility that his nickname will be Son. Granted, I get that the baby's father is of Hawaiian decent and the name does have meaning...but SHESH....doing the MOST.

$5 Billion Federal Bailout...for PORN

You know people are really trying hard to milk the economic crisis. No Larry Flynt you cannot have $5 Billion of tax payers money for porn...actually you already get that and then some considering porn is a $13 Billion industry AND is at no risk of collapsing. According to CNN, he doesn't want to take any "chances". Clearly, sex sells and let's be real, I highly doubt lack of funds is going to stop those that enjoy porn from enjoying porn. I'm sure there are people who have been laid off and split their day online between and Just saying...

Full story at

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is why we ain't neva gon be free...

Folks....I tried to retire the series until at least after Obama was sworn in cause let's face it he gives hope that we may actually be free. BUT less than 2 weeks shy of the Inauguration and folks want to act up. And what makes it soo bad is that this time it's my hometown!!! DAMN IT HBG!!!

HBG....Chuck E. Cheese (I actually worked there when I was 16....that's an entry for another day)....PREGNANT women fighting....

You have to actually go to youtube so you can see the comments. Only in HBG would the person fighting actually issue an apology/explanation for their actions on youtube...sigh...