Monday, March 16, 2009

"Sigh...Big ASS sigh"

If I were a str8 black man living in Memphis and I got my ass beat by a flock of transvestites, i'm not so sure I would show my face on the news. I don't think I would want people to know I got beat up by men in dresses and heels. Actually, as a str8 black woman living in NYC I wouldn't want people to know if I got beat up by men in dresses and heels...just saying.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a sucker for unique video concepts

This is a good 1. So clever that Coldplay. (0:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Black Friend Finder

So I've decided that if this website really did exisist, I'd go to Hoboken and hook the guy in the post below up with a friend in his area. Cause CLEARLY he's in need. I'm sure there are some other Jersey City and Hoboken peeps that are in need too.

Actually, this makes me think of something I always notice but hadn't found the right blog entry to go into. So I have a pretty diverse group of friends. And am in the most diverse city on the planet so work is pretty mixed. But when I've saved some coworkers on facebook as friends and then briefly look at their other friends and pics....I've notice that I'm usually the only friend of color they have. I mean a few will have a token "person of color" (meaning someone who is racially ambigous....actually sometimes I end up being that person) but it'll be some random person they worked on a project with once their senior year of college but never actually interact with the person. Why is that? Did they seriously only come in contact with 1 black person in all 20-odd years of their life???? I'm not saying these people are prejudice or racist or anything just don't get why that's the case. Every other race has a variety of friends unless your like Cambodian living in freaking Cambodia. Just saying...

So this is what I'm missing in Hoboken....

He's clearly doing the MOST!  And he kinda looks like a boss I had.....except my boss was female.  But I swear you put a wig on him and you'd swear they were twins. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shameless Shout-Outs

Somehow the first birthday of Doing the MOST passed and I managed to forget/not notice (I know, it's a damn shame). Yes I say birthday and not anniversary because the idea was born. No I'm not so conceited as to suggest that I gave birth to blogging (clearly not the case and to claim such would be Doing the MOST) but I did give birth to putting the idea of "doing the MOST" (a phrase among friends for years) into a public domain. I to make up for my forgetfulness (carelessness maybe?) in honor of my blogs 1st birthday I want to take a selfless moment to recognize some friends who are doing the a good way (0:

In addition to stupidGENIUS over @ (hey homie(0:), I have a couple other friends with amazingly witty and wildly entertaining blogs....

BlkRockStar @ is chockful of hilarity with statements like "has Beyonce so thoroughly hypnotized you into thinking you need to put a ring on it? Better yet, are you honestly going to let some married woman dancing around with no pants and a robotic hand tell you that being single blows? My advice: don't seek salvation in some empty relationship; finish your Ho-vard degree and graduate Magnum™ cum laude! The old saying goes, "You can't turn a ho into a housewife...unless she gets her own show on Bravo."" LOVES IT!

Then there's sickofthebs @ Simply put, she's exposing 2 epidemics soo widespread,  we haven't seen anything like it since bitchassness.  Go read so you can make sure your not guilty of R.A.N or W.A.B behavior.  (I just want to point out that this 36 word paragraph has been revised twice for our friend over at ranwab....clearly she's doing the MOST and there will be no more edits lady!!!)

And in non-blogger recognition, way to go ARO!!! She was the creative visionary behind the ENTIRE (meaning EVERYTHING and ALL) Nike Black History Month Bash in LA last week!!!

I don't know who still reads or why they read but I appreciate the attention!!! Here's to another year!!!!