Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Real House Wives of ATL

So I watch Bravo a lot. LOVE their reality TV shows. So they decided to do an ATL spin off of their "Real Wives of" shows. I'm not soo sure I'll be watching it. Go Here to view the preview "trailers" (the site that has the videos made it so that they can't be embedded. How whack is that....) Only watch trailer 1 and 2.

My issues are as follows:

1. You know how on the Dave Chappelle show he would spoof well known "Mainstream (meaning white...i try to be pc every now and then)" TV shows by doing a "Ghetto" version. Watch the first trailer (not the full 10 me after 2 min you will be sooo irritated you'll turn it off). Does it not come across as a spoof. The shit just doesn't seem natural. And by that I'm not referring to the possibility of blacks being successful and having money as not being natural. The way they are talking just seems super contrived and unnatural.

2. Look at the second video (again, its like 10 min, I promise if you watch the whole thing you will be frustrated. When they show the house does it not look like a scene from "Cribs"??!!! I'm sorry...but I've watched all of the other "Real Wives of" Seasons and I don't remember them dedicating so much time to show how those people were living. The detail is ridiculous. It's a it offending only because they make it seem as if extravagant living is a rarity. Almost as if they have a huge ass house in the middle of the projects. they NOT live in a community with other big ass house just like the folks in the OC???!!! Why do they have to "cribafy" it. Their not rap're business people like everyone else.

3. NeNe.....I mean her name speaks for itself. Like...who are the producers??? Do they not know that if you associate with anyone named NeNe its bound to be a ghetto experience. You can take the woman out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the woman. ***shaking my head*** This is why we ain't neva gon be free....

4. "What I want out of this divorce is a lump sump...some 7 figures...." direct quote from the trailer...****sigh**** PRE NUP...thats all I have to say.

Folks, it looks like its shaping up to be a ghettofabulous season. It's a little premature considering the show hasn't aired the first episode but I'm going to go ahead and say that The Real Housewives of Atlanta is reason #5,013 why we ain't neva gon be free... (To be confirmed Sept 16 when the episode actually airs)