Thursday, November 13, 2008

Google ROCKS my world

I still think Google is going to take over the world but I've accepted this as fact. And honestly....I don't necessarily think that would be the worst thing that could happen. I mean if you can get past the creepy "big brother"-like presence (think google maps street view)...its all good. But let's be real Google has the internet game on LOCK. I'm kinda like a Google Groupie and I'm ok with that.

Hopefully everyone is up on GMail, GChat, YouTube, Blogger (And yes, I picked Blogger because I knew it was associated with Google)and Google Maps. Actually, if your not up on all of the above....stop reading my blog :0)

Right now I'm slightly obsessed with the internet browser, Google Chrome and Google Video chat. I feel like theres no reason for anyone to use any other browser. I'm not even going to go into detail about it...just download it.

Google Video Chat....WHAT!!!! Gmail account + webcam and mic = Freaking AMAZING.

Apparently the service is already offered through Skype (Who the hell even knows what Skype really is)But once you throw Google into anything, credibility (at least for me) quadruples. And lets face it, although Google has that creepy big brother thing going for still trust that nobody will hack into your computer and steal your sh**!!! And by far the best part about everything is that its FREE!!!! HOOOOLLLLLLAAAA!!!!

Gotta love it.

So yea...get up on your Google folks. And I would go work for Google in a heartbeat....just sayin

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