Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“Box $#!+”

A good friend tagged me in his BRILLIANT note on facebook. I couldn't agree more...

The current state of the American economy has, for people who don’t live inside the box, presented us with the opportunity to change the way we live, think, and operate in our daily lives. Whether personally, spiritually, or professionally it amazes me how some of the smartest people get reduced to subscribing to “box $#!+” . You’re probably pausing right now and thinking; “what in the world is ‘box $#!+’”???

Simply put, “box $#!+” are ways of thinking, operating, or going about any aspect of daily life in a way that doesn’t necessarily make sense. The only reason most people subscribe to “box $#!+” it is accepted by the masses and for fear of what lies in the mystical area outside the box.

I’ve never really understood the logic of going to school, working as hard as you can, and trying to make the best grades in the class simply to have a nice looking transcript and resume so you can ask someone else--- probably that’s not even as smart as you are to hire you for a wage 1/10 what you’re worth (You’ll only get the 1/10 if you’re lucky). It makes even less sense to me how some live in perfect discontentment for 30 years working long hours making business in which they have no vested interest other than their meager wage. Surely, EVERYONE cannot be a mogul, but the wealth in America could certainly be more evenly distributed if that talented and capable people didn’t whole heartedly subscribe to “box $#!+”

For example, why do so many of the people with advanced or professional degrees and/or training still only feel validated if someone, no smarter than yourself, gives you the “privilege” of working 40+ hours a week for a fraction of what you bring to the table for your employer. We let “box $#!+” and the things that box people say scare us into being miserable and hoping we can last 20 years and make manager, partner, director, or whatever other cute name is given to the best “box $#!+” players.

For all of the free thinkers that always feel uncomfortable with “box $#!+” and box people don’t be frightened into wasting away your youth, creativity, and ambition. Operate in the paradigm that you know will lead you to real success, happiness, and freedom. If you’re happy in the box, by all means enjoy your 30 years of pure hell and torture. Make sure that resume is impeccable, your GPA is impressive, and be ready to put in long hours for the good of the company. Preston, Miller, Williams & Associates will be hiring in 2012 and will be glad to use your talents to generate wealth for their children and grandchildren. ;-)

Bidding farewell to "box $#!+" forever,


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