Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Myth of the Stimulus Check

I'm super skeptical about receiving "free" money from the government, more specifically from this administration. We are pretty much already in a recession...All i want to know is where they found additional money to just give out???

I have my own theories and ideas about the stimulus check. Here's my favorite:

There really isn't a stimulus check instead it's sort of a mind game that the government is playing. Think about it...what would most people do if they were told they were going to receive at least $600 to use as you see fit and with no obligations to pay it back...

Most people have probably already planned on how they will spend the money. Some may have even made purchases in anticipation of receiving the check. But what happens if folks don't get the full amount they expect? Or worst yet, what if they don't get any money at all??? Individuals will fall into deeper debt and financial hardships. Meanwhile, the government would have successfully "stimulated" the economy.

I'm convinced I won't get more than $40 (yes didn't forget a 0) if I even get that.

Remember doesn't grow on trees...or in this case a BUSH...


stupidGENIUS said...

But what makes it worse is that some people actually HAVE received it which then makes those of us who havent even more likely to anticipate and possibly make necessary purchases in anticipation of money that is supposed to be coming. I think the bigger myth was pushing up the schedule by a week because that obviously didn't happen across the board.

Oh well, fuck it, I needed a MacBook, and I got a MacBook. Now give me my damn $600 dollars montherfuckers!!!

Nkechi said...

LOL stupidgenius is hilarious. BUT do know that it's tax deductible right? As in, it will get taxed as income for this year when you file your taxes next year. So it's really not free. So you are technically paying most or at least SOME of it back. Yeah...I don't even want the money. They can keep that mess.