Saturday, May 31, 2008


WHERE THE HELL IS MY DAMN STIMULUS CHECK!!!!!! I mean...I know I wrote the post a month ago about the whole thing being a scam BUT DAMN!! I was still a tad bit optimistic...Clearly I'm not getting a damn thing.

Now I know there is something about it being held up IF you had your taxes done by a third party or if you got a rapid refund. Guess what....I don't fall in either one of those categories. WTF IRS...SERIOUSLY! Looks like I'll be calling on Monday.

I'm about to call Major World Ford Lincoln Mercury in Long Island City as well. Don't send me a piece of mail that says "Program Headquarters" in a check envelope so that it look like it just might be a stimulus check. WHY ARE THEY PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS??!!!

This is some really is. But then again we ain't never gon be free so I don't know why I thought we'd be rich. And yes...the IRS is Doing the MOST...

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