Monday, August 25, 2008

Crack is Mad Wack...

I know, I've been doing a lot of video post lately but I can't help it. Videos do an excellent job of helping to bring to life the notion of doing the MOST. It def makes for a much more interesting post. It's not just me on a rant with no context, folks get to indulge in the same nonsense!!!

I might need to start a new list/countdown separate from "Reason's we ain't neva gon be free". A list that keeps count of celebrity crackhead or "crackish" behavior. Check out K-ci and Jo-Jo from Jodeci. I personally have been laughing and joking about K-Ci being a crackhead for years with friends (and if you didn't know, when Mary J. Blige first came on the scene she was dating K-Ci and did hella drugs)But who knew Jo-Jo was on the pipe too!!!??? Now, a friend did say to me "How do you know he was on crack, could have just been drunk". This is true. I don't have conclusive evidence that Jo-Jo was on crack but you have to admit it's crackish behavior.

Enjoy folks...just watch from 1:50 on. Love how they take the mic away but leave him there....CLASSIC

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