Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF McCain...WTF

Let's be real Obama verbally assissinated McCain's campaign last night. Portraying McCain as just another Bush...awesome strategy. Fact of the matter is no matter how liberal a republican McCain makes himself out to be, at the end of the day because he's still a republican and he kinda has to say he supports Bush. When he gives his acceptance speech at the RNC he can't say "Enough Bush. The last 8 years have sucked" or everybody would look at him sideways (I'm actually really curious as to how he's going to deal with the Bush factor). So what do they do....go find a woman to run as VP to make their own bit of history and try to stay alive in the race to the Whitehouse. It's not like this has been the plan along...this is some serious last resort, grasping for straws stuff.

Who really knows anythng about Palin??? Outside of the fact that shes from Alaska and is in her first year as a Govenor? Newsflash folks....AIN'T SHIT GOING ON IN ALASKA!!!!! There are like 2 people in Alaska...(apparently Palin and her husband). And let's really think about FUCKED would the US be if McCain's old ass died in office or something and this chic with basically less expereince then Obama becomes President. You think it's a mess now...Just think about it...

I just think this whole thing is absurd. What makes it worst is that we the people of the US can be some superficial ass bastards. So for some the fact that he brought a woman on board is enough.

I'll be LIVID if McCain wins.

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