Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 Words....Really!?

Just yesterday I was telling a friend how great Pandora is. I like to listen to my Kanye|Santogold|MIA channel at work. Nothing to hardcore....nothing to eccentric...pretty safe for work right....Well folks, today Pandora got beside itself and threw Tech N9ne (first of all just looking at the name does it look like something that should be played at work???) title "7 words" into the mix. Still harmless sounding right....The song starts off with a nice R&B chorus...kinda like a love you know the 7 words Mr. N9ne is talking about..... And what the chorus starts to actually SING "I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SUCK MY D*&%.

I'M AT WORK DAMNIT!!!!! No I don't have headphones in. It's a good thing my boss didn't come in to my office to ask me anything. Could you imagine???!!!! And it's not just the chorus that is clearly DOING THE MOST...the lyrics are detailed enough to be considered audio porn. TRUE STORY.

I know it may seem as if I'm exaggerating the level of inappropriateness in this song but folks...I promise you I am not. Just listen for yourself. And yes thats the album cover. And yes dude looks throwed off. The whole situation is just not OK. I'm kinda traumatized.

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