Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu is kinda like an STD

So like the rest of North America I'm super paranoid about the Swine Flu. Thing is I feel like I have reason to be slightly more paranoid than everyone else. This past weekend I went to a co-workers house party. Seemed like a good idea right. Making friends at work cant be wrong right. Fast forward to Monday morning at work this broad proceeds to tell me that 1 of her friends that was at the party has a sister that goes to St Francis. In case you don't know the significance of this information go here Too lazy to click...the headline says:


WTF!!!! Why the hell would this person come to a social gathering knowing they had potentially been exposed to the virus. Then to make matters worse, this person calls my coworker an says "Yea...don't tell anyone. I'm sure Im not sick but I'm going to go to the clinic just to be sure"

Folks...if I get sick and I come across this person in the street...their getting effed up. Just saying...

The funny side of the Swine Flu thing is that if you do get it you have to contact anyone you were recently in contact with to let them know your infected. LMAO...it reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City when Miranda catches an STD and makes a list of people to call.

I'm pretty sure if I get a call from someone saying "BTW I might have given you Pig Flu" I'm going to be PISSED. And what if you caught it and started calling people and 1 of the people you call says "Yea I have/had it too". Would you not be like "WTF YOU HAD IT AND DIDNT TELL ME!!! YOU GAVE ME PIG FLU!!!". And possibly consider doing harm to said person.

Just something to think about...OH and I found these PSA's from the 70's. Apparently there was a Pig Flu outbreak back then too. Crazy thing is the PSA's are to encourage people to get the Swine Flu vaccine...the vaccine ended up killing people. Go figure...

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