Thursday, May 28, 2009

Black people, we do NOT know Prez Obama personally

With that said being black and Obama being black does not mean you can roll up on him or to the White House whenever and however the hell you feel like. He is the PRESIDENT...the first black president at that. He has all sorts of security to make sure your behind doesn't get to close.

Where is this coming from you the video. Brenda Lee thought it was ok to personally hand Mr. President a note. Clearly, Ms. Lee you're Doing the MOST. When in history have you ever heard of any random person (I don't care if you have a press pass if your name isnt Larry King, Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric your just random person with a press pass. No are)handing a president a personal note??

Not ok. Then I heard a few months ago that Usher thought that while he was in DC he could just roll up to the White House uninvited and ask if he could talk to the president. 2 words...SHUT. DOWN.

People, Barack Obama is the PRESIDENT. Not your homeboy from down the block or your cousin/uncle Reggie.

Just sayin...

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That is disturbing...