Thursday, May 14, 2009

Burger King has 1 responsibility...

SELL BURGERS!!! So tell me why I went to the Burger King in the Rockafellar Center Concourse and they were out of burgers. How absurd is that???!!! All they have is chicken therefore today that Burger King is basically a frikking KFC!!! So instead of eating a whopper jr w/cheese I'm eating chicken nuggets...ALL I WANTED WAS A WHOPPER!!!!

THEN, to make matters worst, I stood in line for like 15 min. At no point in the 15 min did anyone bother to say "We are out of burgers". When i got to the counter the lady tried to whisper..."We don't have any burgers". I'm like "WHAT??!!! YOU DONT HAVE ANY BURGERS??!!!"...loudly. The fact that she felt it was necessary to WHISPER indicates a problem.

Clearly, if you, Burger King, don't have burgers FOLKS WONT COME IN!!! Don't try to be slick and get folks in the door and in line so that they feel obligated to buy something. We were not waiting in line at BURGER KING for CHICKEN!!!! If I wanted chicken, I would have waited in line for 15 min at KFC!!! Like WTF!!!

C'est Terrible!!! Like going to Dunkin Donuts and they being like "All we got is muffins".

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