Friday, October 9, 2009

Rat Pizza...

NYC is on a Motha Effin ROLL this week!!!! The city just keeps doing the MOST. Here's video of a truck that's parked outside of the Pink Elephant club here in the city that sells pizza. Well apparently said truck is not only visited by hungry people at night but rats seem to frequent the spot as well. Just watch the video.

Shits disgusting. The owner has a whack ass excuse for why the rats are there. "It's old pizza"....I'm sorry, WHAT??? What exactly does that have to do with anything. There are RATS on the counter!! So just because they are eating what is supposed to be old pizza (how do we know its old and furthermore, I doubt they are selling full pies out of the truck sooooooo how are they just old??? Old from when a few hours or a few days???) its ok for them to be in the truck???

Really....seriously...It's gross no matter how you slice it. Where is the NYC Dept of Health when you need them??? Do they not regulate street food trucks??? Like what the Hell is really going on.

Doing the MOST, doing the MOST, DOING THE MOST

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