Friday, October 9, 2009

Krispy Kreme Burger..Oh and we BOMBED the MOON!!!

Folks...what the hell is really going on??!!!! Can someone please tell me???!!! I know I was a little detached from society for about 2 months on account of work but either the world just snapped out this week or I really missed some stuff.

Please watch this video from Fox News. I don't even get down with Fox News like that but I totally feel Shep's frustration. America are we really soo fat and desperate for calories that someone would find it ok to put a damn cheesburger on a donut bun????!!! An effin GLAZED DONUT BUN.

WTF IS AMERICA'S LIFE ABOUT RIGHT NOW???!!! Have we truly lost our mind??!!

And this Bombing the moon in search of water. Have we really run out of things to bomb and resources to deplete here???!!!

Folks...I'm just in disbelief.

If there are aliens out there they better take a hint and start hiding cause clearly if we find them or even THINK they are chillin in the galaxy somewhere its curtains.

And did NASA stop to think that there may really be life somewhere else and that...I don't know bombing a celestial being might piss them off????!!!

Then again I don't trust NASA and the governments intentions. I don't put it past them that they know something we dont (Apocalpse, end of the world like events anyone) and are trying to formulate an exit strategy.

The moon is the closet thing to earth right???

yea...2012...right. Can't wait to see the PR and news stories that come out after that movie is released...

Just saying...

Think about it...


Adgirl said...

love the look on the news reader's face. Classic. I agree. How stupid can man get. Plenty of things out there tell me VERY

Anonymous said...

While I know you were being serious, this was extremely funny. A glazed donut cheeseburger. I'm crying because I laughed so hard.