Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Young Plus Ignorant is Doing The Motherfu**in MOST!!!

You know me...the sarcastic comments...the over the top ignorant intellectual...The dude that pops bottles on a Tuesday night and stumbles into work on Wednesday morning in the same clothes smelling like Hennessey and Sour Diesel...hahahaha

Well ok, maybe you dont know me. Maybe you dont have the privilege of knowing a ni**a like me that's found a way to maintain his cool while everyone else is succumbing to the plague of button ups and hard bottoms. But Sllim does, so thanks to her maybe you can get to know me. Or maybe not. Really all depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

The only blazers I'll ever wear are Military. The only time I wear a button up is to a funeral, to church (but I never go), to job interviews, and if its laundry day and I dont have shit else clean.

But you want to know whats even more ignorant about me? I'm the dude that most women want to meet. Smart but not a fuckin geek. Cool but not so cool that he's stuck in the hood. The dude that has a job but knows what he wants out of life and realizes that his job is not his life.

But you probably just wrote me off as the ni**a that was too cocky to speak...or the one who was too stuck in his own world to care about anyone else...or the one that would never settle down because it's not in his character. Well...maybe you're right. But what if you're wrong. Will you be able to live with yourself? Because I know who I am...do you?

I'm the dude that's doin the most...hahahaha I mean doing more than you. And I dont mean literally doing Ms. Doing The Most either you nasty nosy motherfu**ers...hahahahaha

how was that Sllim? Do I get to write up here again?

sG (stupidGENIUS if you're nasty...)

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Freedom Threw Health said...

That was the most defensive post I have ever read in 2008 thus far!