Thursday, July 2, 2009


First MJ now Vibe all I need is for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be banned and all I'll have left of my childhood and growing up will be my memories!!! Like WTF??? I've been reading Vibe since I was about 13 when Vibe was printed large like Rolling Stone :0) I LOVED IT. I kept every issue (still do) and had some of the pages on my wall as decorations. Oh the memories...

VIBE...seriously...What the hell happened? How do you go from being one of the top selling magazines to folding??? Vibe was (so sad it is a "was") no King Magazine (meaning hip hop trash with nothing more than half naked video hoes...almost a ghetto version of Maxim...if your offended, get over it)

I'm truly perplexed...VIBE goes before Ebony and even (GASP) Jet??!!! How is that possible. Who is even reading Jet at this point??

My bigger concern with all of they plan on crediting me for the issues I won't be getting. Probably not huh...sigh...

I hope Quincy can buy it back and keep it going and that they honor my damn subscription if and when that happens.

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