Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford...What is your life about???!!!

In case you haven't heard, the Governor of South Carolina thought he could go missing for a few days and not tell anyone of his whereabouts. Told nobody... not even his wife and 2 kids. Seriously Mark, seriously? You really thought you could just drop your responsibilities as Governor, husband and father (over FATHERS DAY at that) and just be gone???

Did it not occur to this man that he is a public official and I don't know...maybe people would wonder where he was and maybe start looking for his dumbass??? Apparently, it didn't because he was "taken aback by all of the attention this trip has gotten"...WTF dude...what world do you live in???!!!

So initially his communication director was lying for him saying he was hiking the Appalachian trail (what kind of excuse is that???). So where was the good governor of SC...

I originally thought that perhaps he had a drug problem or was involved in some other sorta illegal activity.

Nope...just your average bicontinental affair...

WHO DOES THAT???!!! I mean I've heard of people taking their mistress from the US to another country but meeting someone that actually lives in the country...DOING THE MOST. And he didn't even bother to have a decent excuse/alibi!!!

I don't get it folks. I really just don't get it...

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