Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

As usual stuff happens to me that are so rodonculos that it seems as if its scripted...This time a man (apparently my fairy godfather) paid me a visit. So clearly, I'm over my job and corporate America in general (as apparent from my many posts about the subject). Recently its been 20 times more frustrating than usual. So I've been thinking about whats next and what not.

Anyway, Monday night I got home and ran to the bodega to get a snapple (this all has do do with the story I on my way there this old man (like 60) was standing outside of 1 of the other brownstones. Just standing there folks. Not moving, not talking. Just leaned up against the fence a lil bit. I was on the phone with my mom and just walked by not paying him much attention (outside of noticing that hes standing there) i thought he was waiting for someone to come out so i go about my business. On my way back to my apt,hes walking down the block towards me, im not on the phone

hes like

"excuse me"

I say, "hi"

He says, "Can I give you this?" and hands me this business card

Its a basic peach colored card with the words nam myoho renge kyo on it...Now I'm thinking "Oh shit!!! Is he casting a spell or putting a hex on me??"

He proceeds to explain to me that I have great potential but im not reaching it and that the phrase is a buddist chant that helps unlock your destiny etc etc

Clearly I'm in shock at this point because I'm in disbelief that this is happening and still thinking he could be putting a curse on me.

I just say, "Thank you"

the guy is like "No, thank you. I expect great things from you" and the just walks away...

Who else does this stuff happen to??!!!!

So lets say it was my fairy godfather...I'm pretty sure its safe to say that hes a tad bit disappointed in what I'm doing with myself. LOL...he basically said "your doing the least get yourself together"... If only he had said those exact words...

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