Friday, June 26, 2009


Hmmmm...should I get philosophical and talk about how Mike's death is bigger than me and you and that it just goes to show that no day is promised so live it up and don't sweat the small stuff...done and done now I can proceed with my usual rants....

First of all folks, I found out MJ had passed because I was at a client meeting where a collegue who was needed on the phone to explain something to the client basically hung up on us (the client...folks...he hung the fuck up on the client) NEVER called back. Just sent an email 20 min later like "Sorry but Michael Jackson just died". Now I'm not trying to belittle the magnitude of MJ's death but SERIOUSLY...can you maintain an ounce of professionalism in your grief. Is that asking too much??!!

I watched CNN for about an hour and a half last night but got frustrated after Al Sharpton thought it was appropropriate for him to basically have a press conference in Harlem. WHO THE HELL CALLED UNCLE AL??!! MJ's death wasn't a matter of civil rights or some racial injustice ( know what I'm not going to even go there). I really questions his motives. I'm starting to think that he uses the suffering of others to promote himself. Why he couldn't just issue a statement like other people baffles me.

I've decided I'm going to avoid watching the many specials that will air through the weekend. Like everyone else I'm shocked and saddened by the news and I'll listen to his music non stop for the next week but the constant focus on death is overkill. I just hope the media maintains some sort of respect. I hope they do the MOST in a positive way because thats what MJ deserves. There will never be another entertainer like him...

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Tellie said...

hahaha! Michael Jackson's death is most certainly not reason enough to hang up on a client *shakes head*

I too am shocked at Michael's sudden death. He had so much talent, he was so famous and yet so unhappy