Thursday, June 25, 2009

Racist or Pervert....hmmmm

Its only effing 10:30 in the morning and already folks are at work acting a damn fool!!! So everything in advertising has to be passed by someone in legal. We have this in house person, we'll call him Hop (because his actual name is something similar and equally dumb as hell). Hop's sole job is to review work and say if he thinks there will be any legal issues. He's about 55 and white (I feel like that kinda goes without saying as white, male, 45-50 is like a requirement to be a "senior" executive).

I stop by, Folks I don't get as much as the tips I've my pretty manicured toes in the door before this bastard looks at me up and down and says "Ummm...I don't have time right now come back later"

...I'm sorry what...WHAT THE HELL IS IT THAT YOUR DOING EXACTLY? Your just sitting there.

So I'm like, "Ok...what time?"

"Ummm...2PM" folks he doesn't check a calendar or anything...just arbitrarily throws out WTF?

Now, I've seen Hop interact with other people in the halls...and he always seemed to be pretty friendly with these other people. The most notable and recent is my new intern. She's been here a cool 2 weeks. Shes white, about 5'5" petite build with HUGE boobs.

so I did a little experiment...I called my intern and asked her to go by Hop's office...

Surprise, surprise he suddenly had a free moment to take a look at the docs and chat.

Fucking bastard.

Racist or pervert...1 of the 2...


Pook said...

Well considering the fact that you don't lack that much up top, I'll lean more towards racist.

mylittlebecky said...

what a douche! that would make me so angry. you need to get her to hide like a can of sardines in there or something.

ps hello! :)

Nail It 10 said...

probably a little bit of both! you know it goes!!! I'd go bother his ass every week just for the fuck of it!