Thursday, March 6, 2008

DNC....what's really going on

I promise my blog is not turning int a political platform. I just have to speak on some shadiness...

So while at dinner last night, my cousin was explaining to me this situation going on involving Florida, Michigan and the Democratic National Convention. I did some background reading to try to be sure my facts were at least half way straight before starting this post. I know folks tend to be sensitive about politics especially this race. Heaven forbid I misrepresent a detail. If by chance I do get something wrong...understand that the point of this posting is more for others to seek more information. I know my ass is not nor will I ever be a political analyst. apparently in January Michigan and Florida took it upon themselves to hold primaries before the DNC had scheduled them to. As a penalty it was decided that those votes would not be counted. Everyone, including all 3 candidates agreed with this and also agreed to not campaign in those states. The race kept rolling, Edwards drops out and Obama springs ahead of Hilary. As we all saw Hilary started getting desperate (remember the pics of Obama in Muslim garb). Then she starts campaigning in Florida. UH...didn't they agree NOT to campaign in that state (the article I read on quoted Hilary saying she would "find a way to seat the delegations from Michigan and Florida.") The DNC has started talking about possibly counting the votes from January or (even worst) allowing those states to vote again. I forgot to mention that Hilary "won" those early primaries.

So folks a few things to consider:

1. Is the DNC trying to right a wrong with a wrong?
2. Has the DNC had in mind who they wanted as the Democratic nominee all along and the last few months has been nothing but a show. And now the DNC is scared that without these 2 states their preferred may not win.

You be the judge.


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stupidGENIUS said...

Yea, I think there's definitely been a hidden agenda all along. Think about it, if Hillary was up 100 pledged delegates right now, Obama would be way down since most of the Super Delegates want to support the Clintons in the first place. Most of the Super Delegates that have supported Obama since the beginning have some pretty big nuts. Think about it for a second...even in Harlem, all of the incumbent assemblymen and city councilmen are pledging their support to Clinton, even though Obama sold out the Apollo theatre. They're all playing Political Chess right now which is why you see some of them switching sides based on who their constituents voted for. It's not over yet...lets see how much more interesting it gets on the way to Pennsylvania. Interesting that your State may decide the election huh Sllim?