Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama vs Principal Clinton

I'm very intrigued by the race between Obama and Clinton for the democratic nomination. How crazy is it that these 2 alone have dramatically changed the face of politics and the race for the white house. Just think about how boring the election would be if it weren't for them...Another thing to think about is could you realistically even see any other candidates for the democratic nomination? I feel like when they both decided to run for office, there was a great deal of skepticism but that has all since died and the country seems to be completely comfortable with the idea of a woman or a black man leading the country. Change is good and I am impressed with the country's open-mindedness.

The fact that Clinton won last night added to the drama and suspense of the race. The media has a tendecy to do the MOST and ride a story till the wheels fall off. But this is one of the few things on TV that doesn't get old. Maybe other people are over it but I want to watch, I can't not watch.

Just a few things to note:

Hillary Clinton reminds me of a high school principal. If you ever had a female principal you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Not a soccer mom AT ALL. Always in a suit of some sort. Intimdating in a weird way. Like if you were to pass her in a hall she'd make you feel like your were guilty of something even if you hadn't done anything. And when you ovehear her say "My husband" or "My daughter" you find it hard to belive that she's married and wonder who the hell would marry her and knowingly conceive a child. Then wonder what the child could possibly look or be like. Am I the only one that had these experiences in high school...?

As far as Obama, he embodies everything that comes to mind when you think of the persona and demeanor of a president. Dignified, strong presence, the ability to be friendly but also convey that he means business at the same time. Everyone is familiar with the "Yes We Can" video right.....have you seen The Nutty Professor....remember when Professor Klump is sitting on the couch watching the exercise video...remember when he starts stomping his foot and yelling "YES I CAN!!!!". Thats what I'm reminded of everytime I hear that slogan. I tried to find the youtube video but apparently the world is more fascinated with the fart scene from the Klumps....sigh....


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