Friday, March 7, 2008

Eavesdropping in Chipotle

I went to Chipotle for lunch today. Somehow I still haven't learned that from 11-2 it should be off limits cause its ridiculously packed. Anyway, while I'm standing in line by myself I overhear a conversation between 2 guys standing behind me. Typically when I'm somewhere by myself I'm eavesdropping on other's conversations. Usually my focus dips in and out as different words spark my interest. The 1 guy had the audacity to say

"Sure I'll go on a cruise with her....doesn't mean anything and she can pay for all of it"

I wish a N***A would! I'd be DAMNED if I spend my hard earned money to pay for a cruise for someone that doesn't mean anything. This isn't even about emotions, expectations, sex...IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DAMN SENSE!!!! Really, male or female who the hell is going to spend money to take someone on vacation that they aren't feeling....seriously. I swear this is a quick way to get cut and I don't mean cut in the figurative sense.

TGIF :0)


1 comment:

Kit'nPurr said...

im saying, were they cute? you shoulda turned around and said N***A please