Monday, March 3, 2008

If only I had a nerf bat...

Maybe I'm a little high strung...maybe a tad aggressive...a bit angry...irritated to a point of violence...whatever the case may be I have a strong desire for a nerf bat. I just would like to be able to smack folks upside the head without severely injurying them. Just enough to kinda cause a slight shock...with the look like "I can't belive she just hit me with a nerf bat!"

People just say and do dumb stuff. I really have a low tolerance and patience for stupidity. I could use it while at work (Monday status...I would hit people for GP)...on the train (screaming,crying babies...smack the mom and the child)...slow walking NYC tourists...(Welcome to NYC and walk faster biatch)...

Seriously though people are daft beyond belief. Think about all the stupidity you encounter day-to-day. Couldn't you benefit from having a nerf bat on hand???

Perhaps I need counseling and not weapons.....whatevs...I can't be bothered. Violence may not be the answer but its a damn good solution. GIVE ME A BAT!!!


PS...I just got an email that says "Please consider the environment before you print this email"....WTF...I'll print what I want, when I a matter of fact I'm going to print it right now out of spite. Stuff like that pisses me off. Thats like a dunkin dougnuts bag saying something like "consider the homeless before you throw out that half a bagel"....


Nkechi said...

lol Kia! such agression! ur hilarous...but u def need a sedative. Love ya!

stupidGENIUS said...

"I can't belive she just hit me with a nerf bat!"

beyond classic. I dont even really know what else to say.


Kit'nPurr said...

i am detecting a bit of anger- maybe you need a hug or a role model-
bit i be wanting to slap them crying ass babies too - they mothers just be sitting looking all stupid in the face

Freedom Threw Health said...

Try listening to Jazz Boo Boo
Purchasing in iPod for those loud train trips

Yall walk way too fast in NY!!!!!
I gotta damn near run to catch a cutie!!!