Monday, March 24, 2008

WTF is Pinkberry???

Sooo...I'm doing research for a project and looking into some new, hip, and cutting edge brands/products. Pinkberry came to mind then I realized I have absolutely no idea what the hell it is. I've never actually had Pinkberry (clearly I am out of the loop on this one) but have heard all sorts of people rave about how good it is.

Now, many of you will think the next statement is absurd and I have received intense criticism about what I'm about to say...I don't like ice cream or any other sweetened milk based product (this includes smoothies made with milk or frozen yougurt and milkshakes). I know, I know...I'm a girl I'm suppose to be able to eat a gallon and LOVE every cold, milky, melty spoonful. Nope...I'll pass.

So back to Pinkberry, I've heard that its not ice cream (BTW Coldstone Creamery is a bonafide waste of money...just go to Baskin Robin's or Dairy Queen...tried and true for years and sooo much cheaper. I've heard comparisons to TastiDelight (Don't really know what TastDelight is either). But the most ridiculous thing I've heard about Pinkberry is that their are only 2 flavors. Come on folks....seriously....SERIOUSLY...2 Flavors?!?!? People are going crazy over 2 damn flavors. Even Pepsi and Coke come in more than 2 flavors. I think people just really get caught up in the hype. It's really kinda sad. If I follow the 2 flavor model and the unknown factor of Pinkberry, I'm pretty sure I could bottle air and sell it to the masses for a ridiculous price and make millions (I wrote it here so if anyone steals that I will sue :0))

Just so we all are clear this is not a criticism of anyone who enjoys and is addicted to Pinkberry. Please continue to indulge. Just someone please tell me what the hell it is and what makes it soooo freaking good. And the answer better not have the word SOY anywhere in it...


Anonymous said...

Don't hate till you try it. I'm not an ice cream girl either but Pinkberry = Crack in the 80s.

Joshua said...

Pinkberry is pretty wack actually, it's yogurt with a bad after taste and two scoops of some candy or cookie type substance. the only dope part about it is that looks like a spot straight out of Tokyo, but Rice to Riches looks just the same (btw tapioca is wack too)

I would have to disagree with you on Coldstone, it's basically crack that comes in 3 different serving sizes. The flavors and combos are dope it was the ultimate college date spot hahaha!

Alero said...

Dude 2 flavors of soft serve and endless topping flavors - I had cheesecake and pomergrante as toppings on my Pinkberry purchase just the other day.

The soft serve 2 flavors is just a base flavor and the toppings is what pinkberry is all can choose healthly toppings like fruit: mango, pineapple, blueberries strawberries or you can be a fatty and have cheesecake squares and whatever other fatty toppings they have.

Freedom Threw Health said...

Welcome to the land of Sheep! The whole culture is organized and set up for each generation to become followers. Welcome the the world of marketing!