Thursday, March 20, 2008 Unbelievable NYC Experience

Went up to 42nd to pick up friends who are in town visiting for the weekend. It's about 4:15PM...train is pretty packed. We get to Broadway/Nassau on the A. The doors open people start getting off, people start shuffling in. All of sudden we (friends and I) hear a loud thud...turn towards the door we see a woman flat on her back. Then we hear another woman say:

"Don't ever do that again! Now get off the train!"

Couple of people on the train say "DAMN!" or "OH SHIT!"

Next thing you know the woman laying on her back is up...disoriented...but up. She starts swinging her purse. Other woman gets off the train and starts beating the woman swinging the purse's ass on the platform.

Now I neglected to mention that the train was crowded with several ghetto individuals....yup..Loud and Rowdy. So they're at the door watching this fight. Doors start to close. A man with gold teeth (I'm soooo starts yelling

"Don't let the doors close...this ain't her stop she has to get on".

The other ghetto folks start saying:

"Come on Ma, you got her...get on...hurry up". Mind you they don't know the chick fighting. She gets on...doors close...train pulls out of the station.

So basically at Broadway/Nassau there was some poor chick that got ambushed on her way out of the train. Probably has witnesses but the perpetrator is gone.

ON THE TRAIN...the loud and rowdy bunch are hype. Again...they don't know this chick. And she's not loud and rowdy...she's just trying to read her People and calm down. Finally somebody asked her what happened that caused all that to go down...

As she was stepping onto the train the woman was walking off. She bumped into the woman and said excuse me BUT the woman proceeded to shove her out of the way. So she grabbed her by the back of her head...pulled her back onto the train by her hair and basically threw her to the ground...UNBELIEVABLE...

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Nkechi said...

lol but she did it for black women in 2008 tho!! LOL that was ridiculous...ghetto ppl I tell you.