Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Aye Ma..."


You've been warned. This post isn't funny...AT ALL

I went for dinner and drinks in Union Square last night with 2 friends. On the walk to the train, a young man approaches me...standing a mere foot away...

"Aye Ma, can I ask you something?"
I don't answer.
"Can I hit that ***** from the back...?" (said in the same manner as someone would say "Hi my name is...")
Look of shock
1 friend says "Is he serious..?"
I say "Hell NO!"...we keep walking...trying to pick up speed
young man proceeds..."I mean, I'm just saying I'd love to feel those *** cheeks smack against my thighs"
Keep walking....trying to ignore...pick up speed
"I'm saying...I can't ****?"
I yell back, "YOU CAN GET SOME ******* COUNSELING!"
he's not done yet..."If I go to counseling, can I **** after"
I yell back.."Do you realize how ******* disrespctful you are??? I've never had anyone say anything this disrespectful to me!"
He yells something unaudible...friends and I keep walking....stop to reflect on the 2 min verbal assualt....

.....I'm speechless....


Joshua said...

Damn I would have dropped kick his ass, is this what females go through on regular basis? sigh....

stupidGENIUS said...

Kia, as long as you've been in New York, have you not yet learned to expect the unexpected? I mean shit you used to live not that far from the Illustrious Marcy projects...I'm surprised it took this long for someone to get vulgar with you. I have friends that have had dudes straight pull out and start jerkin off dead in front of least dude aint take it any further than having diarrhea of the mouth...but it makes it even funnier that he was so adamant about slapping thighs with your skinny ass...LMAO

folie82 said...

"Its sad how saying hello,you are looking very nice" can turn into that...that's sad. Clearly he has no home training, the saddest part is some sorry girl probably has responded to his 'flirting'.

If you pepper strayed his ass, I bet he would think twice next time letting all that sh** come out his mouth. But then again you probably would of gotten slapped -- so looking down and keeping it moving is your best defense.