Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doing the MOST 101

So far I've gotten great feedback from everyone who have been reading. I'm quite surprised but really appreciate the support :0) The comments are AWESOME...however...yall are doing the MOST! I know majority (if not everyone) is a friend or family member...but please refrain from using my name in your comments. I know I'm an open book in life but yall are blowing my spot UP! Lol... So here's the deal...I actually have a pseudonym (look the word up!) Clearly everyone ignored Sllim Thinks Alot. You can call me Sllim. I chose Sllim for 2 reasons. 1 is pretty obvious. 2 is just as obvious if you look carefully... ;0)

I'm going to try not to mention friends in posts. Should I have to, they will also have pseudonyms.

Yes, I know stupidGENIUS...unfortunately. I've gotten a few questions asking if I know him and who he is. FYI...His comments should never be taken

Keep reading...I'll keep writing.

Remember its Sllim...


stupidGENIUS said...

Ummm for all the question askers and blog inquisitioners, yes I know Sllim and I know both of the meanings behing Sllim...clever use of the double entendre chap.

Interesting that the stupidGENIUS automatically knew not to mention any governments in comments. Perhaps thats because I live by a pseudonym half the time in real life anyway.

Anyway, enough for now, back to being Young Plus Ignorant dot blogspot dot com

stupidGENIUS said...

oh yes...and knowing me is never unfortunately. It's a privilige and an honor. Sllim you ove all people know that ;) just as its a pleasure and an honor to have tagged "Grillz" at the Bed-Stuy housewarming...