Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Words of wisdom for the fellas...

Over the past week I've had no less that 5 of my guy friends bring up the "issue" of crazy females. They all can't seem to understand what they have done to end up dealing with a crazy chick. To them, a girl that was perfect in their to be around...and most importantly SANE suddenly does a 180 and is completely and utterly INSANE. Saying and doing things that are completely irrational and well.....CRAZY.

You've all heard the statement before "Women are unstable creatures". Not true. Women are just flat out emotional. Some moreso then others. I'm not very emotional...I operate on unadulterated logic. Chances are if I can't make something make logical sense...I'm not doing it. Not true for the average female. They are running on pure emotion. It can be dangerous and should not be F***ed with (I could give detailed examples of emotion gone wrong...but I'll refrain).

I'm sure all of the men are shaking their heads in agreement but still thinking "This is not wisdom...I know this already"...riiiiiight.

Somehow when it comes to sex...yall completely forget that females tend to be emotional. Its all fun and games....until she catches feelings. Especially if its good sex. Please note the equation below (some of you should get it tattooed on your hand...kinda like an adult cheat sheet...)

Emotional Woman + Good Sex = CRAZY or simply EW + GS = C

I don't know why this is sooo hard for yall to understand. Usually sex is not just sex to a female. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you can probably get away with having sex (good sex) with a typcal female about 3 times (within a short time frame) before she begins to catch feelings. If you space it out over 3 can possibly get a few more in but this is not guaranteed.

And fellas...if it is good...please do not be fooled...its sex that the woman is obssessed with...not you...sorry :0(

I hope this helps all who have been confused recently. Ladies, I hope your not mad...yall tend to do the MOST...this is for the best.

Be mindful of what your doing in the bedroom folks....


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stupidGENIUS said...

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to the women who I may have sprung throughout my sexual career. I would like to thank Sllim Thinks Alot for shedding light on a crucial issue plaguing our Young & Ignorant generation, and I hope that this can spur on the type of dialogue that can lead us to truly fulfilling our empty promises of being capable of being FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (SIDEBAR: not implying that any such debauchery takes place between myself and the author of this blog)

Once again my dear friend you have outdone yourself...