Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm watching the Grammy's (right this moment). I love the fact that they paid tribute to soo many legends BUT Aretha.....come on Aretha. Everytime I see her...EVERYTIME ... shes in something unflattering. Not just unflattering but down right offensive. As a viewer I am offended. I completely understand and respect the fact that she's a living legend but so is Tina Turner, so is Patti LaBelle. Neither of them leave the house looking like....................theres not even a proper description for what she looks like. Wait, no there is. HOT ASS MESS!!! I saw a brief shot of Fantasia too....PLATINIUM and BLACK hair....really Fantasia...really. Leave the 2-tone hair to Remi Ma. It's the Grammy's not the Source Awards. HOT GHETTO ASS MESS!!!

Just waiting for the world's most talented crack-head....Amy Winehouse. She wins awards and performs at shows but yet we continually tell children to "Say no to drugs".....Am I the only 1 that sees a problem with this???

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