Friday, February 22, 2008

How is Meteorology a legit career path...

Work was closed today on account of the snow. Even though I'm happy to be at home, I do think that it is a bit ridiculous that the agency is automatically closed if NYC public schools are closed especially when:

1. Most of the employees don't even have kids
2. Half who do have kids don't even live in NYC
3. The half that do live in NYC and have kids send them to private school

Anyway, how crazy is it that meterologist, people who's job is to predict the weather, can be wrong 75% of the time and not be fired???? I do realize that a great deal goes into their predictions and that meterology is a science but really think about it. The only time of the year that they have a chance at being right is July and August. Honestly we could all be meterologists at that time...its pretty obvious that its gonna be sunny. If there are clouds...sunny and partly cloudy. Gray clouds...Sunny with a chance of rain. I will cut them slack given that global warming has the planets climates all f***ed up. I'm sure that does make their chances of being right about the weather highly unlikely. That brings us back to the title of the blog...How is it a legit career path. Seems like to me it may be on a downward spiral.

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